Rookie furniture buyers are getting it wrong one third of the time

Results of a recent survey show that 31% of the respondents have not measured accurately their dwellings before buying new furniture and fitted wardrobes especially.

fitted wardrobes 15

Moreover, a quarter of these appreciated that it was a nightmare to move their new furnishings into their property and a mere 7% even caused damage when doing so. Windows had to be removed 16% of the time.

The head of home insurance for The Co-operative states: β€œThe research shows that there are a number of first time buyers who may be getting their priorities wrong when it comes to moving.”

We all know that it can be a process complex to buy a new property and if you put on top of that the lack of understanding of some basic principles that many people have when it comes to acquire new furnishings, it means that they are not covered adequately when it comes to insurance.

Looking closer into the insurance matter, the survey also revealed that one in five first time buyers with the ages between 26 and 35 are under-insuring their homes. This leads to exposing their properties and belongings as they admit to prefer and purchase either building or contents insurance but not both. Before moving into a property, one in five did not have contents insurance in place.