Buy crab apple trees online

Crab apple trees are excellent garden trees that offer you plenty of interest. The best part is that they produce plenty of bright-colored flowers during the spring and crab apple fruit during the autumn season. Besides, some variants are responsible for producing ornamental foliage throughout the summer season.

How can you grow crab apples?

Crab apple trees need plenty of space along with a sunny, open site. That way, you can appreciate and enjoy both the fruiting and flowering display that the tree offers. Moreover, they prefer to have well-drained, high-quality soil.

Besides, the soil should contain lots of organic matter. As a result, the tree can hold lots of moisture during spring and summer. And, will not dry out in the summer season. Moreover, organic matters don’t allow the area to become waterlogged. These trees grow comfortably in almost every kind of soil.

What are the different varieties of crab apples?

There is no denying that crab apples have plenty of varieties and species. However, most of them have slow-growing characteristics and are small. That way, it makes a perfect addition to a tiny garden. Besides, the color of the flowers falls anywhere between deep red and white.

Furthermore, the foliage could be either purple or green. Also, some of them have autumn leaf colors as well. These trees tend to light up gardens during autumn and winter with lots of crab apples. Here are some popular varieties of crab apples that even look gorgeous for smaller gardens: Malus Pink Glow, Malus hupehensis, Malus x atrosanguinea Gorgeous, Malus x zumi Golden Hornet, Malus Royalty, Malus x robusta Red Sentinel.

How can you plant crab apples?

The perfect time for planting crab apples trees for sale with bare roots is between November and March. Whereas, for the container-grown ones, it could be anytime during the year. However, autumn, winter, or spring is the best time.

Dig a hole and add a layer of organic matter to the base of the hole such as rotted manure or compost. Next, place the roots of the plant in the right spot by adjusting its depth. To protect it from winds, stake the tree with rigid support. Water the area well and apply general feed around the tree.

Where to buy a crab apple tree from:

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